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The Problem



Nutrislice offered a highly customizable platform for creating menus, digital displays, and online ordering for educational institutions. 

  • Ideation

  • Content strategy

  • Content architecture

  • Wireframing

  • UX/UI design

  • UX Research

  • High-fidelity prototyping

  • Building a design system 

  • Collaboration with developers

The Problem

Nutrislice platform suffered from various usability and accessibility issues. The platform's customizability created a challenge as multiple use cases, views, and scenarios needed to be accounted for. Because most of the interface could be built by administrators of schools and cafeterias, not designers, the potential usability and aesthetic issues were unavoidable. However, there were some obvious high-impact improvements we could make in order to make the end user experience better. 

Old Designs

The Solution

With initial customer service interviews, user interviews, heuristic evaluation, and tree testing, we identified a few user workflows that required immediate attention: checkout process, calendar views, and food cards. We also had a new feature on the roadmap that needed to be designed and implemented to meet client demand and competition: the nutrition calendar. Based on the research and user testing, we redesigned the key features and added the nutrition calculator. 

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