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Marita Franzke, PhD

"I hired Ewa to build out and manage a nascent design system at Trimble, and I could not have made a better decision. In only three years, she has turned a fledgling beta version of our Modus design system, which initially included foundations and a few components into a living, growing, community-sourced system. Modus now spans several platforms (mobile, web, in-field, XR) through a well-maintained, growing Figma component library.


"Ewa has tirelessly and skillfully engaged the UX and engineering communities at Trimble to become efficient and proud contributors, consumers, and co-advocates for the system. She has designed and manages a website and communication channels that hold all of this together, and she is a fierce and convincing advocate for the system across disciplines and management levels. She has build out the design system as an organization and a movement. She excels at keeping a small number of staff and a large number of volunteers, contributing teams, their projects, a governance body, and stakeholders, all organized, informed, and motivated.


"It has been such a joy working with Ewa -- watching her run and grow with this opportunity. Establishing the Modus Design System has been one of the great achievements of my tenure at Trimble, and there is not doubt in my mind that Ewa's drive, organization and creativity has been the secret to our success. Ewa is a superstar! To check out her excellent work, have a look at"

Jeff Doolittle

"Ewa demonstrates enthusiasm, leadership and clarity of communication in every aspect of her work. Her contagious commitment to excellence elevates and invigorates everyone she interacts with. Passionate about quality, consistency and accessibility in user experiences, she works tirelessly on behalf of customers and colleagues to ensure the delivery of powerful and valuable user experiences.

"I very much appreciate how Ewa applies her broad experience and depth of systems thinking to every aspect of her work. She also consistently demonstrates an ability to bring together various stakeholders across the organization to collaborate on initiatives that benefit the entire company. I can’t recommend her highly enough as a leader in user experience specifically, and systems thinking generally."

Dara Bedick

"Ewa is a highly talented Design Systems Manager at Trimble who cares deeply about her team and the people she works with. Ewa has the ability to transform an entire design ecosystem and to really lead with exceptional UX skills.

She has always gone the extra mile to ensure that I and everyone here at Trimble have everything they need to succeed in our roles. I would highly recommend Ewa to any of my friends and colleagues and any company would be fortunate to have her. She has single-handedly built and navigated an entire design system throughout Trimble. She has led and organized the path for success in our whole company including agriculture, construction, geospatial, and transportation. She is truly an extremely talented leader and designer. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with her."

Amelia Williams

"Ewa is a very talented designer who has a passion for improving the ultimate user experience through discovery and design to ensure that the customer is first and that the experience they encounter is the best. She is the voice of the user. She works quickly and is very intuitive at design and UX. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and would welcome her back on the team anytime!"

Rich Jagisch

"Ewa is one of the most talented designers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is simultaneously an artist and a voice for the customer. As her manager, her acumen in UI/UX is continuously evolving and enlightening. Ewa routinely took projects that were difficult to provide clear direction and was able to identify the key elements needed in the design and gain stakeholder approval in very tight time frames. Looking beyond her design experience, Ewa is adept at pushing her team and management out of their comfort zone in the constant pursuit of a better customer experience."

Elisheva Wexler

"If you are looking for an art director who has true vision, impeccable design sense, strong technical skills and produces high quality work quickly and efficiently (in addition to being a brilliant marketer), this is the person to hire. 

"How I know Ewa: We worked together in the online course division at a publishing house where I managed all of our product launches and she was the lead art-director/designer. 

"Ewa's Skills: Not only was she able to churn out impeccable designs for a diverse range of products/audiences, she came up with at least four fantastic options for each of those audiences. Some artists/designers can only do one style really well, she does them all really well. In addition to her artistic ability, she keeps abreast of current marketing practices and innovations in interactive media. She seamlessly integrates the latest trends in conversion optimization into beautiful, inspired designs that enhance the customer experience while still generating high revenue. 

"Working with Ewa: Despite the tremendous workload, constant change requests, and very tight deadlines, Ewa successfully delivered on every single campaign. She knows when and what to delegate to ensure the best output from her team in a timely fashion. I learned a tremendous amount working with her. When I had input or critique, she helped me identify my underlying concerns and intentions to come up with the best way to address/incorporate them into design. 

"I wish I still worked with her (but hopefully one day I will again!)"

Scott Youmans


"Whether it’s a user interface for an application, or an engaging sales page, Ewa creates unique customer experiences grounded in digital best practices. She has helped our team by providing ready to implement designs that function well across devices. In the midst of changing requirements and deadlines, she works well with developers and stake holders, holding the vision of the project while making adjustments based on technical or time-based constraints."

Beth Nelson


"Ewa is a stand-out Designer and Art Director and it shows with her work. Her products are not only visually appealing but she also takes the time to pay attention to what creative works from an ROI standpoint. Her designs have been instrumental in the success of our marketing efforts at Sounds True."

John Galifi


"I had the pleasure of working with Ewa from 1999 through 2003 both as a direct report and as a consultant within different organizations on various projects. Ewa always brings fresh and thoughtful perspective to every effort. Her creative ideas and their application have been always well received. Ewa has consistently demonstrated an excellent project management discipline in every engagemenent, including highly effective client relationship skills. Her information architecture knowledge and front-end development experience have been critically important to the large-scale development efforts we have worked on together. I would be happy to work with Ewa again if the situation ever availed itself to me."

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