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The Energy Healing Summit was a Sounds True event with an impressive list of presenters, including Cyndi Dale and Donna Eden. The challenge was to make the content accessible not only to an audience comfortable with New Age theories but also a wider demographic interested in healthy living. The sell page brought in $500K in revenue. 

  • Creative direction

  • Content architecture

  • UX/UI design

  • Interaction design

  • Iconography design

  • Graphic design

  • Collaboration with developers

The Problem
The Solution

The audio gift would be delivered through email as a link to a separate "gift page," which would encourage the user to provide a correct email address and would solve the unfortunate problem of the box obscuring the player, since the "Thank you" message would now live on the sell page. After the user has enjoyed the free audio content, he would have the opportunity to learn more about the summit by going to the sell page. 

InVision Prototype

The funnel for the Energy Healing Summit was originally to feature a video gift that a user could watch for free for signing up. Once the user went through the opt in process, he would get a "Thank you" box with social share options, which once closed, would land him on the page where the video could be played. The problem was the business requirement of the video needing to autoplay and since the user would first see the pop-up "Thank you" message, the video would start playing behind it. At some point, in the ideation process, it was decided that the gift would be an audio instead, but it didn't fix the problem that if the user landed on a page with an audio playing obscured by a "Thank you" box, it would create a bad experience and confusion as to where the sound was coming from. 

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